Hourglass Body | Side Opening | Pneumatic Tube Carriers

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  • Product Description

    • Hourglass Body Profile
    • 2 Small Air Discs at end caps
    • 4"
    • Side Opening
    • Round Bumper
    The Model 40 has a sleek body style with flared ends to fit Tel Air systems.

    System Compatibility

    Lefebure Tel Air 4": 80, 90, 95, 1000 Systems Contact our customer service representatives for replacement parts for our Model 40P. 800.433.5526 or email us at sales@golston.com
  • Designed to fit the Lefebure Tel Air 10 Pneumatic system.
    • 4"
    • Clear Hourglass Body Profile with Black end caps
    • Velcro Wear Band
    • Side Opening

If you do not see an option that matches the carrier you are looking for please contact us at 800.433.5526 or email us at sales@golston.com and we will find the right carrier for your tube system.

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